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So What Exactly Is An Implant?

“So what exactly is an implant?” An implant is an artificial root or roots permanently placed into the jaw bone to replace missing tooth or teeth. This can then support removable or fixed tooth replacements such as dentures or crowns or bridges. Implants will fill in spaces with a stable restoration, are natural looking and [...]

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Need a Brighter Smile?

Look no further for your Brighter Smile! Achieve your brighter smile in just 3 weeks with 3 short pain free visits. We provide the Whitening Treatment you can do at home using the tray system, either whilst relaxing or whilst sleeping. Give us a call today to start your journey to Enjoy Your Smile from [...]

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Emergency Appointments Available

Emergency Appointments Available Emergency appointments are available to patients who are not members of our practice. Our Highly experienced and caring dentist can provide emergency dental care for you as a one of treatment. So if you are suffering from Toothache, Facial Swelling, Broken Teeth, Loose or Lost  Crowns and any other Dental problems Contact [...]

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Whitening your Teeth.

I want to bleach my teeth – is it harmful in any way? As many as 1 in 5 people are dissatisfied with the colour of their teeth. Here @155 we offer a range of treatments to brighten that smile. There’s the “Superclean” that removes all surface stain form even the most difficult to reach [...]

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