Mouth Ulcers and Oral Cancer

Mouth Ulcers and Oral Cancer What are mouth ulcers? Mouth ulcers are painful round or oval sores that form in the mouth, most often on the inside of the cheeks or lips. They're usually white, red, yellow or grey in colour and are inflamed (red and swollen) around the edge. How can ulcers be caused? [...]

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Do you need to see a Hygienist ?

You have Direct Access to our hygienist. No referral is needed by a dentist to see our hygienist here at Dental@155. You can simply call our Front Desk Team to request to have your gums professionally assessed and teeth cleaned. Our Dental Hygienist will help remove any plaque from your teeth, she will clean your [...]

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Prevention is Better Than Cure

“prevention is better than cure”   Poor dental health can have an effect on your general health. Gum disease or even constant mild inflammation of the oral tissues can lead to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, premature births and lung disease to name just a few conditions. So how would the health of my mouth affect [...]

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National Smile Month continues

Mouth guards What is a mouth guard? A custom made mouth guard is a rubber cover that fits exactly over your teeth and gums and that protects your teeth from damage and impact. What can mouth guards be used for? Mouth guards can be used in a variety of sports that involve physical contact or [...]

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What should I know about my child’s dental health?

Children’s teeth grow and fall out at different times for each child but the first teeth begin to break through the gums at about 6 months of age. Usually, the first two teeth to erupt are the bottom central incisors (the two bottom front teeth). Next the top four front teeth emerge, after that, other [...]

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“National Smile Month – 16th May to 16th June”

Dental@155 supports and enjoys "National Smile Month 16th May to 16th June". Keep an eye on our weekly Blogs, Facebook for Quotes and Funny pictures through the month. We would love you to pop in to the practice for your personal Smiley picture, you may even end up on our Facebook gallery! Here we go [...]

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What is Tooth Decay?

Tooth Decay Blog What is tooth decay? Tooth decay (Dental caries) is a bacterial disease. Millions of bacteria live within the mouth, flourishing on food we eat. As food is eaten, the bacteria and the enzymes in your saliva break down the food into acid. ACID ATTACKS THE TOOTH SURFACE Enamel is broken down slowly, [...]

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So What Exactly Is An Implant?

“So what exactly is an implant?” An implant is an artificial root or roots permanently placed into the jaw bone to replace missing tooth or teeth. This can then support removable or fixed tooth replacements such as dentures or crowns or bridges. Implants will fill in spaces with a stable restoration, are natural looking and [...]

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Whitening your Teeth.

I want to bleach my teeth – is it harmful in any way? As many as 1 in 5 people are dissatisfied with the colour of their teeth. Here @155 we offer a range of treatments to brighten that smile. There’s the “Superclean” that removes all surface stain form even the most difficult to reach [...]

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Medenta Finance

We understand the financial considerations can sometimes be an obstacle to you having the treatment you want, which is why we offer an interest free finance option. These facilities provided by Medenta in partnership with Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC, are designed to help you get the treatment you want in the most convenient manner possible. [...]

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