Do you need to see a Hygienist?

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Do you need to see a Hygienist?

You have Direct Access to our hygienist.

No referral is needed by a dentist to see our hygienist here at Dental@155.

You can simply call our Front Desk Team to request to have your gums professionally assessed, teeth cleaned, and a bespoke home regime for maintenance prescribed.

Our hygienist can give you the advice, treatment and support to help you understand how to ensure your oral hygiene is at its best and stays that way.

She is trained to:

  • Give effective and personal oral health advice
  • Explain gum disease and periodontal disease and its effects on your mouth and body
  • Remove plaque and tartar to help stop your gums bleeding
  • Give diet advice to help reduce the risk of decay
  • Remove pesky stains such as tea and coffee
  • Help towards giving you a healthy, happy and confident smile!

So why not book a 20-minute hygiene appointment in which our Dental Hygienist will help remove any plaque and or hard deposits from your teeth, and polish them with our professional paste.

She will also educate you on how to continue with this at home, showing you the best techniques and advising you with visual instruction on which brushes, floss and interspace products suit you best, and specific advice on cleaning those valuable crowns, bridges, implants and dentures.

Plaque collecting around the tooth causes gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath – so don’t delay call today for your 20-minute hygiene appointment ,20 minutes is all it takes towards that healthy, confident smile.

Contact us now Dental@155 or call 01332 209647.