Hygiene Treatment

During your examination your gum health is assessed and scored, so the treatment can be tailored to your exact needs. Your treatment would include in surgery appointments but also a combination of a homecare regime to get the best results which is tailored to your needs.

Let’s Talk Gum Disease ………

Dental Therapy

It is the most common non contagious disease. Starts with soreness, swelling and infections of the gums which if left untreated to infection and loss of the supporting structures of the teeth and eventual tooth loss.

There are also links with your mouth health affecting your general health and vice versa.


Inflammation of the gums – easily dealt with so why leave and have an unhealthy mouth?

Periodontal Disease

Disease of the supporting structures – not so easy to sort out but it is possible with the right attention and advice

If you have noticed …………

Bleeding gums, soreness, loose teeth, bad breath, and red inflamed gums. Then please ring us for consultation – we are here to help.

Is this toothbrush too big

“Is this tooth brush too big?”

Tepe Brushes

Tepe brushes are small brushes that are used to clean the area between your teeth to remove plaque and food. They come in a range of sizes that are represented by different colours. We can help advise the size you need and also demonstrate the use of them although they look easy there is a technique involved. Please ring use we are here to help.

Tepe Brushes


Sugar Content

Here @155 we have been looking at different foods and drinks for the amount of sugars and PH levels by looking at this we can give you the correct guidance on prevention ………here are the shocking findings

Sugar contents

1 can of Coke – 7 teaspoons of sugar

1 can of Red Bull – 13 teaspoons of sugar

1 Small bottle Innocent smoothie – 6 and half  teaspoons of sugar

15 grams of Tomato Sauce – 4 teaspoons of sugar

1 Mars Bar – 10 and half teaspoons of sugar

Baked beans – 4 teaspoons of sugar

Apple juice small glass – 3 teaspoons of sugar

pH levels – the lower the number the more acidic the drink is, the higher the number means the more alkaline it is – when the pH level falls below 5.5 this is when it affects the tooth.

Vinegar – 2.0

Coke – 2.4

Cheese – 5.9

Milk – 6.9

Orange Juice – 3.8

Grapefruit – 3.3

Understanding PH Levels in Dentistry