Dental Implants @ 155

Our aim is to provide high quality, specialist dental care, in a relaxed environment, under the care of our highly skilled Dental Professional Team.

Wherever possible we always aim to help you keep your own teeth, dental implants are the most natural alternative for replacement in the event of tooth loss, and are fast becoming the treatment of choice.

A dental implant is an artificial root or roots made up of a small titanium insert permanently placed into the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth or teeth, then specially crafted teeth are attached to the insert, which both look and feel completely natural.

Dental implants involve some minor surgery, usually carried out under local anaesthetic, which can easily be managed by most patients.

Replacement teeth which are supported by implants look, feel and function like natural teeth, often improving your quality of life by increasing your confidence and self- esteem.

Dental implants are a long-term solution to tooth loss whether that may be a single tooth, several teeth or all the teeth in an upper or lower arch.

Dental implants should be cared for and checked regularly, implants are susceptible to periodontal (gum) disease, just like your natural teeth, regular visits to the hygienist is highly recommended to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene, again just like your own natural teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Gives a permanent solution for missing teeth
  • Can help improve your overall quality of life by giving improved comfort, security and confidence
  • Allows you to speak naturally and feel like yourself
  • Helps keep other teeth in position
  • Helps prevent bone loss
  • Helps you to appear younger and healthier
  • Resolves the problems of pain and discomfort caused by removable dentures

Dental implants are more affordable than ever before, you choose the best method of payment for you, also here, Dental@155, we offer interest free payment with Medenta, just ask for further information with our front of house team.

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