Interdental Cleaning

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Interdental Cleaning

Cleaning in between your teeth is a very important part of your daily oral hygiene routine.

The teeth have 5 surfaces – top, back, front, and sides. Missing any of these areas can lead to problems such as gum disease and decay.

So, where are you missing????

Brushing alone is not effective enough to remove plaque and food from in between the teeth. Therefore, flossing or using interdental brushes is so important. Dental@155 are here to help you cater for your needs and find which of these best suits you and how to use them effectively.

Flossing is not as easy as it looks! It takes a certain technique to be efficient in the removal of plaque and ensuring you don’t hurt your gums in the process. We can show you how to do this with confidence and will even get you to practice on yourself before you leave so we know you will be OK at home.

If flossing is not for you, that’s fine! We have other interdental aids to introduce you to.

Interdental brushes are usually a great alternative to floss. Many patients find them much easier to use – especially in those pesky areas in between those hard to reach places at the back! They come in a range of sizes linked to a variety of colours. Size and hence colour is specified for the individual and may be different for different areas of your mouth. This again is something we can assess here at Dental@155.

So if you feel you could do with some help cleaning in between your teeth and would like an informative and personal dental hygiene appointment, then please get in touch!

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