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806, 2016

Whitening Open Day Coming Soon

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Whitening Open Day – Phone 01332 209647 to book for a FREE Consultation – Normally £32.00

606, 2016

National Smile Month continues

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Mouth guards What is a mouth guard? A custom made mouth guard is a rubber cover that fits exactly over your teeth and gums and that protects your teeth from [...]

2305, 2016

What should I know about my child’s dental health?

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Children’s teeth grow and fall out at different times for each child but the first teeth begin to break through the gums at about 6 months of age. Usually, the [...]

1205, 2016

“National Smile Month – 16th May to 16th June”

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Dental@155 supports and enjoys "National Smile Month 16th May to 16th June". Keep an eye on our weekly Blogs, Facebook for Quotes and Funny pictures through the month. We would [...]

504, 2016

What is Tooth Decay?

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Tooth Decay Blog What is tooth decay? Tooth decay (Dental caries) is a bacterial disease. Millions of bacteria live within the mouth, flourishing on food we eat. As food is [...]

2902, 2016

So What Exactly Is An Implant?

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“So what exactly is an implant?” An implant is an artificial root or roots permanently placed into the jaw bone to replace missing tooth or teeth. This can then support [...]