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Cleanicdent Toothpaste

This is the home version of our professional use toothpaste.

Keeps stain away and your mouth feels fresh for longer.

That just polished feeling in your own home.

Just a small pea size amount on a dry brush 3xweekly to keep you smiling confidently.

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Tepe Brushes

This Swedish company is the market leader in interdental cleaning products.

The size of these  miniature “bottle” brushes varies and is personally prescribed for you to achieve effective but gentle cleaning inbetween your teeth.

We also stock their standard manual toothbrush – whilst it looks very ordinary it has a compact head making it easy to reach all areas of your mouth and the densely packed bristles ensure efficient cleaning.

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Gengigel – a miracle product!

Available in both gel and mouthwash formulas this contains hyaluron a naturally occurring tissue component that aids healing.

Tired of bonjela sliding off the affected area – this little gem stays and seals giving immediate relief and allowing healing to occur.