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Here we go :


“A Clean Fresh Smile For a New You”


A healthy smile improves your employability, promotion prospects and is generally an important asset in the workplace.

A genuine smile is one of the best forms of motivation and people with healthy looking teeth appear more authoritative.

Your smile plays a large part in the initial visual impression created in meetings, interviews and during presentations.

An attractive smile suggests confidence and competence hence enhancing career prospects.


Regular visits to the hygienist will therefore not only benefit your oral health but your overall well-being.

A thorough cleaning is like a full service.

Your hygienist should provide a personal plan for your home regime.

Regular visits prevent disease and decay, monitoring the condition of your gums and the presence of plaque.

Bacterial plaque is removed from all surfaces of your teeth.


And if it’s not a career move that is high up your priority list then there are the numerous health benefits. Lack of any inflammation in your mouth will reduce the risk of heart disease, and stabilises other underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, dementia, irritable bowel etc.

So what are you waiting for?

The benefits far outweigh any negative thoughts you may have so contact us here and book an appointment for the new you.