Mouth guards

What is a mouth guard?

A custom made mouth guard is a rubber cover that fits exactly over your teeth and gums and that protects your teeth from damage and impact.

What can mouth guards be used for?

Mouth guards can be used in a variety of sports that involve physical contact or moving objects. This includes; rugby, football, cricket, boxing, equestrian, hockey. A mouth guard can help to protect against broken teeth and broken or dislocated jaw.

Mouth guards can also be used for people who grind their teeth at night. People who grind their teeth (“bruxism”) can suffer a variety of symptoms including pain or clicking in the jaw joint, headaches or migraines and tenderness on general biting on all back teeth.

How long will a custom made mouth guard last?

Depending on age when the mouth guard is made, it may need to be replaced fairly regularly. If you are changing your teeth from milk to adult teeth, the new teeth will push through into a new position and the mouth guard may become loose or too tight. Therefore a new mouth will need to be made to fit the shape of the new teeth.

Mouth guards will suffer from wear and tear like any sports equipment. It is recommended that you take your mouth guard to your 6 monthly Dental Health Check so it can be checked.

Home kit v custom made mouth guard?

Custom made guards are made to fit your mouth exactly by taking an accurate impression of your teeth. A record of your bite also ensures maximum comfort for the wearer. And the thickness is tailored to the sporting activity.

There are cheaper do-it-yourself kits available. They involve heating an off the shelf product in hot water and then putting it in your mouth until it sets. Unfortunately, these mouth guards can fit badly and be uncomfortable to wear. They can fall out or even cause choking. Also the material is at its thinnest where it is needed most.

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