“So what exactly is an implant?”

An implant is an artificial root or roots permanently placed into the jaw bone to replace missing tooth or teeth. This can then support removable or fixed tooth replacements such as dentures or crowns or bridges.

Implants will fill in spaces with a stable restoration, are natural looking and will build patient confidence in their appearance and their ability to eat the foods they like.

Can anyone have an implant?

Case selection is important for longevity of the restoration. The jaw needs to be fully developed so implants are not advisable until 18 onwards but thereafter good health is the important factor and so the prospects of success are then not dependent on age. We make a thorough assessment at your initial consultation – we want success as do you and if oral health needs improvement then we will plan for this first.

How long do implants last?

Like everything in life the more you care and look after something the longer it will last. So an important part of our service to you is to teach you all about that great home care maintenance.

Is the procedure unpleasant or painful?

Good question and the answer is no. placement of the implant is carried out under local anaesthesia, with minimal discomfort to you the patient. Remembering that this is a surgical procedure you should expect some discomfort for a couple of days afterwards but this will be easily controlled with normal painkillers.

How long to get my smile back?

After your initial assessment to treatment plan the implant placement itself is a quick procedure. There is then a period of healing needed (this is for the implant to integrate with the bone) – we review after 2 weeks and if all is OK then 6 weeks later we can start to look at the final restoration phase. In general, from start to finish you are looking at a period of 3 months.


Replacement of lost teeth with a bone anchored device is now considered the gold standard so for that natural looking complete smile start the process by getting in touch with us


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