A belated Happy New Year and welcome to the @155 blog.

2014 was a busy whirlwind of a year.

Karen started off with 3 weeks in Sochi back in February, reaching the peak of her figure skating judging career by being selected by the International Skating Union for the Pair event.

Derby Dentist at the Olympics

Then nose back to the grindstone with dental @155 opening it’s doors for cosmetic cases in April 2014.

Hayley our therapist used one such case for her final presentation in her therapy Foundation training securing top of the class – of course we wouldn’t settle for any less of her – well deserved after all her hard work.

Hayley Hill Gradution

Meanwhile Clair was sometimes a little distracted in preparation for her big day – she and Dom tied the knot in August. A wonderful time was had – lots of smiling people in attendance – a perfect start to their marriage.

Clair Bailey - Wedding Day

Throughout all of this Liz was the one working in the surgery and getting ready for 155 to fully open its doors in January 2015. It’s not an easy task – and usually thankless as no-one notices the background work that has to be done for us to be able to function.

Liz paints the reception at Derby's new dentist @155

Debbie joined us in October – new to the field of dentistry giving us a fresh perspective on things. She has taken to the job with gusto and a great addition to our team.

And that’s the key to 155 – we’re a TEAM – everyone working together to try and bring you a more relaxed and personable experience.

The team @155 celebrates Clair Baily's wedding