White Fillings

In spite of our prevention is better than cure philosophy we have to admit that it’s pretty hard to avoid having a filling at some point in your life.

Given the opportunity to make a fully informed choice, experience is that the clear majority of today’s dental patients will choose the white fillings. Everybody is concerned about appearance and how their teeth look when they smile or laugh. The last thing you want is a glint of silvery metal showing! Thankfully, modern technology of composite materials has made fillings that are functional and natural looking a reality

The material used can be made to match the natural shade, texture and translucency of your own teeth, giving you a much better appearance when you smile than a traditional amalgam “silver” filling would.

Composite Fillings / White Fillings

Composite Fillings / White Fillings

Since they bond to the tooth, preparation requires less removal of tooth structure and will help restore most of the original strength of the tooth. Especially with new cavities, the size of the hole made for the filling can be dramatically smaller with composites.

Composites are mercury-free. Mercury is present in traditional amalgam “silver” fillings is viewed by some as being toxic.

Silver fillings have a longer history of use than mercury-free fillings and there are still instances where this may be the restorative material of choice clinically – perhaps when a long term treatment plan is being worked on and the dentist needs to maintain stability for a period of time.

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